Raw Materials Management

Aluminum is the major material of our products. In response to environmental protection and resource depletion, we actively reduce the mining and procurement of natural resources, develop the reuse of recycled materials, and reduce resource consumption in the production process, such as recovering secondary materials, such as aluminum scraps and aluminum powder, for smelting and reuse.

Proper Energy Use

Energy Conservation and Carbon Resolution Plans

GHG and Emissions

In response to the global trend of zero emissions, we produce statistics on GHG emissions with simple assessment: Multiplying the accumulative electricity consumption of Energy Conservation Plan III by the carbon emission factor of 0.502, we can reduce GHG emissions by 63,456.61tCO2e.

Value Water

We deeply understand the importance of saving water. The water risk assessment map shows that Plant I, Plant H, Plant 2, Chuwei Plant, Pingtung Plant are not located in the high water risk areas. Our management measures for water consumption are as follows:

Check tap water consumption every day and make immediate improvement for abnormal water consumption.

Reuse cleaner rising water spill from the water tanks at the equipment washing line.

Periodically maintain the cooling towers to maintain efficiency.

Reclaim pure water for reuse to reduce tap water consumption.

Assess water reclamation equipment to reclaim water by 80%.

Use water-efficient taps and toilet flushes.

Process wastewater and employee sewage are the major sources of wastewater of Yunlin Plant and Pingtung Plant. In accordance with the Water Pollution Prevention Act, wastewater is treated at the in-house wastewater pre-treatment facilities before being discharged to the wastewater treatment plant of the industrial park through the sewerage system.

The in-house wastewater treatment equipment include the drum screen, equalization tank, pH correction tank, electrocoagulation system, sedimentation tank, aeration tank, and outfall system. Monitoring equipment is also equipped to monitor water quality each day.

Waste Management

Both general waste and hazardous industrial waste are produced from the operational process. We have established the Waste Management Procedures for effective management to achieve the goal of waste reduction. To ensure that waste is legally removed and disposed, we visit the disposal plant with the waste dumping truck from time to time and periodically audit waste disposal plants every year.


  • Issue the waste disposal three-copy order
  • Audit the legal compliance of the disposal process


  • Check the GPS records of the dumping trucks.
  • Consolidate disposal records


  • Trace the flow and progress of waste handling.
  • Report the waste storage and production records

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a standards setting and certification organization that

recognizes and fosters the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium. As a member-based, global initiative, ASI is the result of producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain coming together to build consensus on “responsible aluminium”.

Sustainability is a key aspect of SAI corporate strategy. It is an honor to become a member of ASI and we have acquired the ASI Performance Standard V3 (2022) Certification in 2023. With the vehicle electrification trend, we continue exploring and developing forged aluminum application possibilities. We will devote our best to be truly responsible throughout the aluminum value chain.


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