The economic impact brought by COVID-19 in recent years and the Russo-Ukrainian War has resulted in the ongoing fluctuation of material prices, exchange rates, and transportation costs. The shortage of automotive chips and parts has brought even bigger challenges to the automotive industry. However, we continuously improve global sales and operational performance of custom forged wheels. In addition to maintaining sales with European and US automakers of sports cars and luxury cars, our efforts in long-term business cultivation of Japanese automakers of luxury cars were gradually rewarded in 2021 H2. Apart from the increasing orders, we also keep enhancing production automation and process efficiency optimization and discuss transportation cost sharing with customers. Additionally, combined with Pingtung Smelter’s effective material cost cut and overall increased capacity utilization, we are able to perform better than market estimation. Thank you so much for your support in times of difficulties.

While improving operational performance, we never forget our vision to “become the optimal supplier in the industry, improve human living quality, and create a sustainable, all-win happy enterprise.” By carrying out our obligations as an Earth citizen, we fulfill corporate social responsibility and devote to the ceaseless ESG learning and engagement. By equipping our facilities with PV generation, wastewater recycling, and waste heat recovering equipment, we aim to achieve green energy production. In 2019 we introduced the smelter recycled aluminum to reduce carbon emissions by 95% compared to primary aluminum production. Up to 30% of wheels were produced with recycled aluminum in 2022, make us a helpful partner for carbon neutrality in the supply chain of world-leading automakers and promote the common good of environmental sustainability.

Additionally, we help employees engage with active disease prevention and health promotion. Apart from the statutory examination items, we introduce 33 self-funded additional items with discount plans for the annual employee health checkups. Through graded risk management, interviews with occupational medicine specialists, adaptive job recommendations and accommodations, and health instructions and follow-up are arranged. Additionally, through automation equipment introduction, process optimization, and chronic occupational disease prevention, we build a comfortable, safe, and healthy workplace environment. Our efforts over time were recognized by the Health Promotion Administration in 2020 with the National Health Management Award. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also encouraged employees to get vaccinated in response to the government policy. Together with the online weekly epidemic questionnaire, environmental disinfection, and the work from home policy for office staff, we successfully controlled the epidemic risk.

Upholding the spirit of “giving back to society for what is taken from society,” apart from establishing the SAI Fu-De Social Welfare and Charity Foundation in 2013, we also team up with other welfare organizations and encourage employees to engage with community care service such as child welfare, long-term care, emergency assistance, health education, charitable activities, and others in coordination with the government’s social welfare policies. By enforcing the “three virtues” policy, we link the “compassion” of more people in real action to disseminate warm “charity” and thereby demonstrate the local “warmth” of Taiwan, hoping to call for public support.

Rooted in Taiwan and cultivating the world for over 20 years, apart from dedicating to the operational growth of the core service, R&D, and technological breakthroughs and innovation, we are also thankful to the support and recognition of all employees, customers, partners, and general public. In 2022 we established the Sustainable Development Committee to more systematically set ESG spirit as the important principle for making corporate strategies and policies and blend the value of “integrity,” “visionary,” and “co-glory” to form the core contents of our corporate culture. When sharing the fruit of operations with employees and shareholders, we never forget to give back to society. To continuously build a green supply chain, promote industry development, and maintain sustainable development with the environment together with customers and suppliers will always be our unchanged goal.

Sustainable Operations

We aim to become the optimal supplier of the industry, improve human living quality, and create a sustainable, all-win happy enterprise.


Capturing and listening to the issues that concern stakeholders is the fundamental to enforce sustainable business operations. We set specific communication channels for different stakeholder groups and accept and address the needs of stakeholders for the reference of realizing ESG. Through systematic assessment, we draw up the questionnaires for stakeholders and material topics in accordance with the GRI Standards and gather the opinions of stakeholders through questionnaire survey to prioritize handling and response so as to meet the expectation of stakeholders.

Material Topics

A total of 44 material topics are identified in accordance with the GRI Standards, past operational experience, TCFD Recommendations, and SASB Standards for the reference of questionnaire development. In 2021, based on the results of stakeholder identification, we surveyed the issues that concerned stakeholders using the issue questionnaire with 791 valid responses, the tension questionnaire with 770 valid responses, and the impact questionnaire (answered by department heads and directors) with 21 valid responses. Later, we convened a report editing team meeting to discuss the impact on sustainable operations of individual issues and develop the list of material topics to stakeholders. The relevant methods and performances in the management approach to these topics will be disclosed in this report.

Based on the results of response analysis, the report editing team meeting was held to verify the 11 materials topics in 2021, including economic performance, product and technology innovation, materials, risk management, information security, energy, customer service management, intellectual property right management, ethical corporate management, environmental legal compliance, and GHG emissions,


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