Brand Story

World-leading provider of forging solutions and world-leading brand of forged wheels

Specializing in providing the mobility and aerospace industries with high-end, custom, lightweight forging solutions, we have been actively investing in and captured key market-leading technologies over the years to provide the market with key solutions. Additionally, by setting giving back to employees, shareholders, society, and the environment as the corporate mission, we continuously create a sustainable development environment and improve human quality of life, dedicating ourselves to becoming an all-win happy enterprise. With core technological capability developed over the years, we have become one of the world-leading brand of forged wheels and the first-choice partner of automakers of high-profile sedans and super sports cars. Headquartered in Taiwan, we have offices in Germany, the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands to provide local services.

Future goals: 50% carbon reduction by 2030 and total carbon neutrality by 2050

As a world-leading provider of forging solutions, we are committed to promoting and leading the sustainable development of the forging industry and actively engage with metal recycling technology as well as having introduced high-standard high-quality monitoring technology. Additionally, we completed a smelter in 2020 to recycle metal for the total control of materials recovery and recycling. Apart from actively improving employee diversity, employee benefits, and operational management and practicing CSR over the years, we have also enforced CSR and founded a charitable foundation. Additionally, for the continuous exploration and realization of possibilities in sustainable development, we have redefined the first character of SAI, the acronym of the Company’s name, as sustainability to demonstrate our determination to promote sustainable development. By doing so, we hope to bring the ultimate experience to customers and portray the beautiful future of sustainable development, while demonstrating our fashionable taste and luxury personality at the same time.

Total high-end, custom forging solutions: Lighter, safer, and more luxurious

From preparatory technical consultation, front-end materials procurement, design and development, manufacturing, processing, coating, logistics management, to after-sales service, we create the ultimate service experience for customers. We also engage with the long-term continual improvement of forging technology, factory automation, capacity, coating and processing technology, and design proposal capability to provide the market with diversified customization solutions for products that are lighter, safer, more personalized, and more price-competitive, as well as increasing the overall value of end products for consumers to demonstrate their personal taste with SAI products.

Future: New start of SAI

By transforming SAI, acronym of the Company’s name SuperAlloy Industrial, into the slogan: Sustainability, Advanced, Innovation, we aim to convey the message: Provide customers with sustainable, advanced, and innovative custom solutions through continual self-improvement in the new mobility era so as to continuously fulfill the constantly changing market demands. We have confidence in bringing changes and hopes to industries and the future world, while creating unique value and experience for all stakeholders.




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