[SAI Earnings Call] SuperAlloy’s Triple-Arrow Strategy Sets the Stage for Steady Future Growth

Fostering a Diverse Board to Enhance Corporate Governance, SuperAlloy Aims to Build ESG Sustainable Development and Competitiveness

SuperAlloy Industrial Co., Ltd. (SAI, Ticker:1563), a prominent global automotive wheel manufacturer, was invited by KGI Securities to host an investor conference, during which they shared insights into the company’s industry overview, operational accomplishments and outlook. Mr. Huang, Tsung-Jung, SAI’s Chairman, highlighted SAI’s consistent recognition by customers for advancements in research and development, technology and manufacturing processes. Key clients such as Toyota, JLR, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, among other renowned luxury and premium brands, consider SAI as their preferred partner for orders and new model launches. This has resulted in a steady increase in delivery volumes, contributing to increasing capacity utilization rates at the Yunlin and Pingtung new plants. Consequently, SAI reported consolidated revenues of NT$6.29 billion in the first ten months of this year, marking an 18.11% year-on-year growth and setting a new revenue record for the same period over the past five years.

Mr. Huang, Tsung-Jung emphasized that the automotive industry supply chain, characterized by high entry barriers, long order visibility and 4-to-7 years from customer certification to shipment. Despite unfavourable environmental factors, SAI’s operational performance this year demonstrated double-digit year-on-year revenue growth rate, credited to the team’s proactive approach in deepening cooperation with customers, expanding global order momentum and optimizing production-process efficiency, reflecting the company’s robust corporate resilience.

Looking forward, SAI aims to enhance long-term operational efficiency and profitability by continuing to develop new products and technologies, guided by three key operational strategies: 1) expanding the global operation scale to become a leader in forging solutions for the mobile industry; 2) optimizing production technology and process efficiency to boost operating profit margins; and 3) implementing sustainable ESG development for an ongoing green transformation.

SAI remains committed to sustainable development and actively embraces ESG initiatives. The Pingtung new plant, adopting circular economy principles, features a smelting plant, constructed by the world’s top one aluminium casting equipment supplier HERTWICH, achieving 100% recycling of scrap materials. The resulting RESAICAL® recycled aluminium has become a raw material for SAI products and received multiple clients’ certifications. With anticipated steady growth in RESAICAL® usage, SAI strives to lead the entire industry towards a green transformation.

In terms of corporate governance, SAI’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting has elected new board of directors, including two female directors, with the proportion of independent directors reaching 40%. This not only underscores SAI’s commitment to strengthening corporate governance through diversity but also introduces an independent director, Liou, Wan-Yu, with a professional ESG background, expected to significantly contribute to SAI’s ESG sustainable competitiveness.

The entire management team at SAI will persist in their focus on “providing customized, low-carbon wheel solutions and leading the green transformation of the automotive supply chain.” By leveraging technology to enhance operation efficiency, strengthen engineering and process technology capabilities, SAI aims to establish a more automated and intelligent production system, effectively increasing capacity, yield and reducing costs, thereby generating maximum value for the company, employees and shareholders as the revenue scale expands.

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