SuperAlloy is committed to advancing corporate sustainability, fostering ESG competitiveness and forging the foundations for future business opportunities

Global automotive wheel industry leader SuperAlloy Industrial Co., Ltd. (SAI, 1563TT) successfully held an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting today (11/13) with an attendance rate of 60.47% of the shares. During the meeting, with over half of the attending shares, various proposals were passed, including conducting a cash capital increase to issue new shares for public subscription before the company’s initial public offering of stocks. According to the company’s articles of association, ten directors (including four independent directors) were elected through voting. The newly elected ten directors include Huang, Tsung-Jung, Jeng-Yi Business Management Consultant Co., Ltd., Yung-Ming Investment Co., Ltd., Shih, Mao-Lin, Wei, Long-Cheng, Liou, Ke-Chang, Cheng, Ting-Wang, Liou, Wan-Yu, Cheng, Ming-Siou and Chen, Wun-Zong. The duration of service for the newly appointed directors (including independent directors) is three years, from November 13, 2023, to November 12, 2026. SAI’s unified management team remains dedicated to their mission: providing customized, eco-friendly wheel solutions and spearheading the automotive supply chain’s shift towards green transformation. SAI’s management team is committed to attracting top talent, enhancing research and development capabilities and driving growth across the company’s operations, all aimed at delivering maximum value to employees, shareholders and the company itself.

SAI’s Chairman, Mr. Tsung-Jung, Huang, stated that the company has a long-standing track record in providing expert forging solutions, including research and production of aluminium alloy wheels and suspension system parts. The company has expanded its market focus to encompass supercars, luxury automotive brands and continuously aims to secure a larger share in the SUV, electric vehicle markets and the expanding niche mobile industry. SAI has been actively engaging with international clients, leveraging ongoing advancements in forging technology, material applications and design and engineering enhancements to create lighter and more efficient forged products. SAI’s tailored suggestions during the customer design phase meet the specific and unique needs of clients, forging vital, indispensable partnerships with several international supercar and luxury car manufacturers. Presently, confirmed orders for customized wheels indicate deliveries secured up to the end of 2030.

In terms of technology, SAI has emerged as the primary design collaborator for global automotive wheel manufacturers of prominent brands. Embracing the global ESG initiatives and the shift toward eco-friendly supply chains, SAI, serving as a key supplier to renowned international supercar and luxury brand factories, actively champions environmentally friendly processes as advocated by these brands. Introducing RESAICAL®, a recycled aluminium solution, derived from its core operations, has positioned SAI as a pivotal ESG partner, aiding clients in carbon reduction efforts. With RESAICAL® already accounting for 30% of total usage by the end of October this year, SAI’s strides align with regulations across various regions and nations and resonate with customer targets for carbon footprint reduction within supply chains. SAI foresees sustained and robust growth in RESAICAL® usage as it continues integrating and validating products with newly added certified clients, steering the entire industry towards a greener transformation.

SAI’s entire team embraces and embodies a corporate culture rooted in honesty and integrity, meticulously ensuring quality control while honouring commitments to customers, fostering trust and reliance among all stakeholders. This year, as the company advances toward sustainable and green growth, SAI has made notable progress with RESAICAL®. Beyond this, SAI has also achieved recognition in environmental contributions by meeting the ISO14064-1 standard for managing greenhouse gas emissions. This not only embodies SAI’s commitment to a green supply chain but also elevates the market competitiveness of its low-carbon products, fostering a path for sustainable growth in the company’s long-term operations.


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