SAI Encourages Children’s Dream By One Day Company Tour

Seeing the educational needs of disadvantaged students in Yunlin area, SAI has supported World Vision Taiwan in Yunlin area for disadvantaged students’ bursaries and after-school care class annual program funds since 2020. In addition to donating another NT$460,000 this year, SAI also organized a one-day company visit for the children. SAI invited 18 children to headquarter and introduced the company and the manufacturing process of a forging wheel.

As soon as entering the show room with various wheels displayed on the walls, both boys and girls exclaimed again and again. Everyone listened with all ears to the introduction and explanation by the company volunteers. One of the kids is a graduate of elementary school this year, Xiao Cheng (pseudonym), a lively and outgoing child, was often reminded by the teacher to abide by the rules when he first joined the after-school care program. However, after two years, his behavior became more and more stable, knowing how to observe and relate to others, and take the initiative to be a helper. Xiao Zhen (pseudonym), who is also graduating this year, has improved a lot in the monthly exam after participating in the program. In addition to taking the initiative to complete her homework, she also assists the teacher to guide other students. Xiao Zhen said that she is very happy to come to the after-school care, not only can she make more friends, but also can learn more in a variety of ways.

Hu Wan-wen, District Director of World Vision Taiwan Central Office, said: “World Vision Taiwan serves and accompanies 1,800 children and their families in the Yunlin area. We thank the company for continuing to care for the educational needs of the children. Today we invite students to go to the SAI headquarter to understand the relevant knowledge of forging wheel. We believe that such experience will not only allow children to see different aspects of the workplace, also can broaden their visions.” District Director Hu Wan-wen sincerely appealed to all walks of life to continue paying attention and invest to the educational needs of domestic children. With NT$2,000 per month can subsidize these children and help them to pursue their dreams more safely and at ease.

SAI has been caring for the educational needs in Yunlin for a long time by practical actions to connect more “kindness”, “love”, and “warmth” to care and accompany Yunlin disadvantaged children. In addition to supporting World Vision Taiwan’s annual funding for the after-school care base in Dapi, this year, 24 students are also provided with bursaries per semester to reduce the education expenses burden on the parents’. Gary Huang, Executive Director of the SAI Fu-De Charity Foundation, said: “Education is one of the tools to change one’s future. We are very happy to be able to accompany these 24 children with World Vision Taiwan, to help them go to school with peace of mind and have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.” “Inviting children to come to the company today, letting them know more about our work through company visits, I hope to use this opportunity to broaden the children’s vision and understand what they need to prepare when they want to enter the relevant workplace in the future.”



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